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Hello!! I am back. I apologize for that unwarranted and undiscussed hiatus! A new semester started and I needed to focus on school (barf). But I am here once again, never fear fashies.

I actually don’t work at F21 anymore, but I still work in retail. The store I work at now, Aritzia, is a little more sophisticated and grown-up. I want to start dressing this way, not just for the job but for myself. I feel a style evolution creeping towards me. And destroying my wallet.

SO I WENT TO THE MALL TODAY… I also made $70 at Plato’s Closet so there’s no room for judgement here (actually there’s no room for judgement ever). 

Introducing… the purchases of today, Wednesday, 2.26.14~!

(and now it’s time for a breakdown)

LEFT: Black cropped sweater - Forever 21
RIGHT: Chain necklace - Forever 21

I still shop there though. Heavily. I bought the sweater because it’s still freezing in Detroit and I need more sweaters. It was only 15$! The chain, is just something a gangsta needs. aka me.

LEFT: Checkered dress - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Thrifted from Clothes Wonder)
RIGHT: Studded military style lightweight jacket - Forever 21 (Thrifted from Plato’s Closet)

Funny thing about that jacket - it was brand new when I was working at F21 and I always really wanted it, but I never wanted to spend 40$ on it. Even my sister has it! But as I wandered around Plato’s Closet today I found it. It was my lucky day. SAME WITH THE DRESS, THOUGH?!!? 22$ Marc by Marc?! K BYE!!!!

"E" Midi Ring - Francesa’s Collection

YES, it’s supposed to be a midi ring, but my fingers are so teeny that I can wear it all the way down onto my ring finger. I decided that I’m gonna always wear this. It symbolizes me, and my love for myself. It was kind of expensive (9$) BUT I think it was worth it. I always go to Francesa’s, which is a small chain boutique, for some good jewelry finds. One time, I went there and regrettably spent 12$ on this pair of earrings and I was like, GODDAMN why did I do that?! But then I ended up wearing them almost everyday. So.

Black Heeled Booties with Buckle - PacSun

Something weird about me - I’ve always been this way - is I literally wear the same pair of shoes everyday. I own like, 10 pairs of shoes at the most. I don’t find shoes to be a huge part of the outfit, which is SO WEIRD but I just don’t like to draw attention to my shoes. I want people to see the rest of the outfit, not my lil feet! So I’m always looking for new shoes because I’ll be wearing the hell out of them. These were 70% off for winter clearance and even though they are thick azz booties I will be wearing them in 98 degree heat I assure you.

SO THAT’S IT! I was not planning on spending all this money today… but… oh well. They were all small prices to pay for a big fashion sense. What about YOU GUYS?! Are you revamping your fashion sense? What are your favorite places to shop at the mall?! I WANNA KNOW, inbox me with your answers!!

-Emily, who is a mall rat in every sense of the word

Photographer Michael Freeby recently shot American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer in her first ever photo shoot. In the photos, she wears a mix of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Escada and GOGA by Gordana Gehlhausen.

(Source: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com, via lo-kaia)

OOTD - 11.16.13

HAT -> Forever 21
CROP TOP -> LoveCulture


sorry for the hiatus. life has been weird as fuck lately.
BUT I AM HERE. Presenting a quality outfit. SO THIS TOP THO, I went shopping on Friday and saw it on the mannequin at Love Culture and almost went into shock. SO BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me of Brandy Melville, one of my favorite stores. We don’t have one in my state, nor even the surrounding states, so I get what I can get oookay?! Sunflowers will never not be in season. I liked this top too because I can’t normally wear crop tops because I’m heavy chested, but this one doesn’t cut me off weird or make me TOO big. I’m super self-conscious about that and it was a little daring of me to do this top, but I’m glad I did! I think it has something to do with the long sleeves.

I’m trying to make my wardrobe a little bit more grown up - I own a LOT of graphic tees and little bottoms and things. I know I’m ONLY 21, but I want to start looking a little nicer. My whole wardrobe is pretty casual so I’m trying to edge it/mature it a little bit. The combo of the graphic top and the long leather skirt is a good transition I think.

do you like crop tops? do you think they’re too hard to pull off? do you sometimes feel like your wardrobe is not mature enough/too mature? are you self-conscious about a certain part of your body? don’t hesitate to tell me, we can work on it togetha!!!!!

-Emily, who wears flowers in 48-degree tornado weather

COOTD - Miley Cyrus - 07.18.13

(HI GUYZ I wanna do a new thang in between my outfits by discussing other outfits I like!!!) 

I know it was in July, but I’ve been “researching” Miley’s style for little while. I have to say, I LOVE HER RIGHT NOW. I think she looks AMAZING and she is putting together some totally killer looks. She gets really creative mixing vintage (mostly Versace and Chanel) with newer, off-brand stuff. I love this outfit because it’s actually super accessible for anybody (even if you’re not as daring as Miley). She’s got the graphic tee (hers is Balenciaga, you can find that anywhere), a leather skirt (Forever 21 has a billion of ‘em), silver shoes (hi, DSW), a gold bag (TJ Maxx situation), and gold ice (literally guys. Claire’s.) How easy is that?! I feel like this is something I personally put together a lot for an easy “look” (see the kitty outfit) and it’s instantly fabulous. This easy-to-recreate style shows that you can draw inspo from ANYWHERE.

Do you guys like it? Do you like Milez right now or is she too cray cray for you? Isn’t Bangerz the best album right now?! That’s not a question it’s a fact btw.


Hope you all had a happy Halloweeeeeennnn!!!!

Hope you all had a happy Halloweeeeeennnn!!!!